Our partners, our strength

Our disruptive business model is based on revenue-sharing approach involving all members of our ecosystem. The benefits are numerous and depend on the business partner’s role.

  • Retailers

Answering the unmet need of retailers and merchants for a more convenient and affordable service with a simple method of remitting funds, anytime and anywhere, our approach provides retailers with additional benefits, namely major savings due to low interchange fees.

Moreover, the current market trend of using retail prepaid cards mixed with loyalty advantages will be enhanced in the MoneyCell Electronic Wallet, and will represent a convenient and low-cost reloadable solution for customer retention. Not to mention that the payment process will be highly accelerated, will help save on customer paper receipts and is eco-friendly. Besides, the retailers’ empowerment will allow them, not only to facilitate the brand loyalty, but to also collect great real-time and historical information for better cross-marketing strategies and profiling.

Finally, e-couponing retail systems integrated with the MoneyCell Electronic Wallet is an effective increased-sales strategy for retailers.

  • Financial Institutions

The financial institutions will benefit from several incomes, ranging from electronic fund transfers, to in-trust bank account management, to increased revenues by using mobility, not only as an added value for their clients, but also as another financial services delivery channel to influence existing processes, infrastructure and settlement network. In short, it’s a cost-effective, efficient and secure payment solution to be offered to all clients. 

  • Consumers

The consumers will benefit mostly from an alternative their current physical wallet, by integrating not only their loyalty cards, retail coupons, payment cards, cell phone prepaid cards, and long distance prepaid cards, but also by migrating their cash and coins to their MoneyCell virtual wallet.

Knowing that MoneyCell represents the fusion of a physical wallet and a cell phone, consumers will be pleased with the multiple benefits their mobile payment solution has to offer:  

  • Free (in Canada);
  • Fun;
  • Innovative;
  • Universal;
  • Simple and user-friendly;
  • Fast;
  • Secure;
  • Convenient;
  • Current and Trendy;
  • Green;
  • Effective;
  • Hygienic;
  • Common;
  • Liberating;

Reinvent Your Wallet, thanks to MoneyCell and your mobile phone!

  • Mobile Network Operators (MNOs)

On one hand, the mobile network operators will benefit from bigger margins on prepaid card sales and will offer clients the possibility of paying their monthly bills via their mobile device. Not to mention that the MNOs will be saving on interchange fees as well. In addition, the relationship with the customer will be simplified and enhanced through this user-friendly tool.

On the other hand, MNO’s will provide their point of sales as a distribution network (including registration operations) for MoneyCell. DH International will share its potential revenues with MNOs according to their customer ownership. MNOs will benefit from major incomes derived from our clients, through the use of data and the potential influence on their current/future points of sales. 

  • Mobile Phone Manufacturers

The mobile phone manufacturers will benefit from an increase in customer ownership by participating in the mobile payment industry with new NFC mobile phones. This will consequently influence their brand locally, as well as increase their presence with MNOs.