MoneyCell at the forefront!

February 2015. DH International is pleased to announce the upcoming delivery of his third important patent. This patent own by DH International mother house was accepted by the American bureau on February the second. The patent reference number will be add when receive.

October 2014. DH International with his "MoneyCell" payment platform has just partnered in a new joint venture "Paxi technologies inc." to deserve truck and taxi drivers with innovative payment tools and technologies.

March 2014. MoneyCell has signed a multiyear agreement to commercialize his payment platform in five African countries. The personnalise service should be lunch at the beginning of 2015.

November 2012. MoneyCell has participated with succes at the "salon du taxi de Montréal".

September 2012. MoneyCell is the payment technology behind "Netlift", a multimodal ridesharing service on cell phone. More info in LA PRESSE The project will be piloted in 2013.

November 2011. Do we still need cash money? Interview given to Isabelle Maréchal part of the ISABELLE, LE MATIN radio show on 98.5 FM.

September 2011. Rapide Cheque, a division of Ria Financial, a Euronet Worldwide Company, has joined MoneyCell to offer foreign students who don’t hold a Canadian bank account the possibility to virtualize their cash money into MoneyCell. The first Rapide Chèque location to open its doors is located at 514 Atwater Street (corner Notre-Dame), steps away from École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS) where the pilot project is taking place. Other Rapide Chèque locations will be added in the near future.

July 2011. MoneyCell, payer vos achats par téléphone.

June 2011. Interview given to FM93  on June 20th between 11:30AM and noon for the Liberté d’opinion radio show.

June 2011. DH International présente son système de paiement par mobile.

June 2011. MoneyCell wins the Canadian Mobile Commerce Innovation Award (gold) and the Canadian Payment Innovation Award (silver) during the Cardware 2011 event organized by ACT Canada on June 14th and 15th in Niagara Falls.

June 2011. Paiement par cellulaire à l’essai à Montréal. Proté

June 2011. MoneyCell : la monnaie du futur! Le 

June 2011. An electronic wallet that works! Home Technology Montreal.

June 2011. MoneyCell: le micropaiement NFC par téléphone à la québécoise.  Maxime Johnson. com and 

June 2011. MoneyCell : payer avec votre cellulaire.Canoë. 

June 2011. Un portefeuille électronique sans frais mensuel. Synchro blogue.

June 2011. Payer avec son cellulaire à Montréal. Métro Montréal.

June 2011. “MoneyCell” mobile payment trial launched in Montreal. Mobilesyrup.

June 2011. Excellence – Le portable passe à la caisse.Le Devoir.

May 2011. MoneyCell on the Salut Bonjour TV show!

May 2011. MoneyCell wins two awards at the 2011 Gala des OCTAS: Best innovation, Octas de l’innovation (100 employees and less) and the very prestigious Octas de l’Excellence (the most rewarding award of the event)!

May 2011. MoneyCell: un portefeuille numérique 100 % québécois. An article posted by Alain McKenna on Cyberpresse's website on May 26th, 2011.

May 2011. NFC stack for POS terminals to let retailers process multiple payments types, coupons, check-ins and more. An article posted on Near Field Communications World's website by Sarah Clark on May 5th, 2011.

April 2011. DH International, finalist in two categories in the OCTAS contest. The 25th edition of the OCTAS contest is an event organized yearly by Réseau Action TI. This prestigious competition rewards the best IT achievements in Quebec. This year, DH International (MoneyCell) is named finalist in two separate categories: General Public Electronic Commerce – B2C and Innovation. The Gala des OCTAS will be held at the Palais des congrès de Montréal on May 28th. We will keep you posted! 

April 2011. Article on MoneyCell written by Yannick Vachon in the April issue of JETS (journal des étudiants de l'ÉTS). Read the article on page 13.

March 2011. MoneyCell hands its first $2,000 scholarship to Steve Beaulieu, a  Master’s degree student in Electrical Engineering at ETS University in Montreal. Congratulations!  

March 2011. Article on MoneyCell written by Yannick Vachon in the March issue of JETS (journal des étudiants de l'ÉTS). Read the article on page 22.

February 2011. French arrive à Montréal. is the advertising agency working on the MoneyCell project. 

February 2011. Article on MoneyCell written by Yannick Vachon in the February issue of JETS (journal des étudiants de l'ÉTS). Read the article on page 17 and have a look at our ad on page 20 (ad by Vol19Num2

January 2011. Mobifyer and parent company Merchant360 provide mobile contactless solutions for companies such as MoneyCell...

November 1st, 2010. Fini l’argent liquide? Exclusive interview given to Isabelle Maréchal part of the ISABELLE, LE MATIN radio show on 98.5 FM.

L’actualité, November 1st, 2010 issue. L’argent du futur : Adieu billets de banque, pièces de monnaie et cartes de crédit. A ten pager article portraying MoneyCell as one of the players in the Canadian mobile payment industry. Read the article.

Stay informed!

The list of articles published in newspapers and online regarding the mobile industry and payment services is unending. The trends,  expectations and forecasts are impressive when it comes to the fusion of these two industries. The market is undoubtedly expanding, bringing therefore payment as a new mobile service. Next thing you know, paying with a phone will just be normal!

Here are the most interesting articles published in the last few months illustrating this ongoing trend.

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