DH International Ltd. is a pioneering service provider for electronic money transfers and payments using mobile phones and a Web application. Our solution, MoneyCell, is the fusion of a physical wallet and a mobile phone. Everything a real wallet contains can now be transferred into the MoneyCell system and used for all transactions purposes. Whether you wish to pay for goods at a merchant store, to transfer money to your family, to accumulate loyalty points, to use or reload your gift cards, to pay for parking, to purchase your transit ticket or for any other transactional purpose… MoneyCell is the solution!

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About DHI

DH International Ltd., founded in February 1999, is a Canadian company located in Montreal. Specializing in the development of an innovative mobile payment solution, our company has dedicated time and effort in Research & Development, the acquisition and protection of our intellectual property and the implementation of an anti-money laundering procedure. Today, an entire team of managers and IT developers join their efforts for the commercial launch of MoneyCell.

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Our Solution

MoneyCell is THE Electronic Wallet solution. In other words, it's the fusion of a physical wallet and a mobile phone. Everything a real wallet contains can now be virtualized into the MoneyCell system. With NFC technology (Near Field Communication), as well as WAP-GPRS and SMS communications,  MoneyCell transforms your mobile phone into your wallet, loose change and so much more simply by connecting every system involved. MoneyCell's technology allows every system to communicate within a unique and very special gateway, the heart of MoneyCell. Therefore, the security of MoneyCell becomes the security of every system combined. This is innovation behind MoneyCell!

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Our Partners

Our disruptive business model focuses on sharing our revenues with the members of our ecosystem. The benefits are numerous and depend on the business parner's role.

  • Retailers
  • Financial institutions
  • Consumers
  • Mobile network operators
  • Mobile phone manufacturers


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